One of the oldest and least true myths about any website is that if you build it, customers will come. Of course we aim to create websites that are attractive to look at, easy to navigate, useful in the information they supply and good ambassadors for the businesses they promote.

But they must do more and will not succeed just by being there. Websites must be interactive, have a set purpose, target the people who they are aimed at through the content and type of language used and inspire users to return again and again.

Chits understands the mechanics of this, we know the importance of each word on your website and with this awareness we have built a robust model which works every time.


Branding is what makes your business instantly recognisable, across all of your online and offline activities, from your products to your marketing materials.

The right brand identity can also reflect your company’s personality and values, positioning you in the market and highlighting the features that make you different from your competitors.

Seemingly simple choices, such as the colours, fonts, text, images, logos and other design elements that you use on your website can have a significant impact on the way you are perceived by potential and existing customers. Our design services can help you to make the right choices, whether you want to reposition your existing brand or to produce a completely new brand for your start up or a new website.

We will work with you to create a brand that suits your business and to ensure that it can be used consistently everywhere you appear online, from your own website to your online marketing material and social media accounts. We can develop an effective branding strategy to reflect the history, personality and values of your organisation, so that you can attract attention, convey the right message to your customers, and make them proud to be associated with your brand.

UX design

User experience or UX design goes beyond the visual design of your site to consider the way it actually functions for your target audience.

Good UX design can make visiting the site a more pleasurable experience, which can boost customer satisfaction and encourage more return visits, so it is an important part of the design process.

Our user experience design service will optimise your website design for the people you want to convince to keep using it.

We will begin by considering who will be visiting your website, how they will interact with it, and what you want to achieve with your site.

  • We will then ensure that your website design is organised so that it can be navigated in an intuitive way by these target users, that key features are easy for them to find and use, and that the site works well across different devices and is accessible to everyone.
  • We will also conduct usability testing to check that your intended users really do find it easy to locate what they want and that they are enjoying their visits to your website.
  • Together with our other design services, user experience design will create a site that both looks good and works well.

Responsive Website

Responsive website design ensures that your website will look just as good on a mobile as it does on a full size computer screen, even when users are resizing their windows or using a less common browser.

As the name suggests, responsive design enables your website to respond to the environment in which it is being viewed. It does this by allowing text, images and other elements to be resized automatically to fit the browser width or screen size, and by enabling the CSS style rules to adapt to whichever device, platform, browser, and operating system is being used.

Having a responsive website is increasingly important as more users are now viewing sites on mobiles, tablets and other devices, and because search engines like Google are checking how mobile friendly a website is when they are determining its search rankings.

Our website designs will respond to the way they are being viewed in order to provide the best user experience for all of your visitors and to ensure that your site always looks as it should.

We will create a responsive website design that will work on any device and that will be able to adapt even as the technology changes in the future.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone webpages that are designed to achieve very specific results for your business.

Visitors will usually only be able to arrive on your landing pages after clicking a link in a search result, email, online advertisement, social media post, or other marketing material, so they are separate from the main site.

The landing page will be carefully designed to encourage visitors to either make a purchase or to provide information so that you will be able to reach out to them in the future, which should help you to convert clicks into sales.

A click through landing page usually contains information about a particular product, special offer, or service and it is designed to guide your visitor to a particular link through which they will make a purchase or register for a service.

Alternatively, a lead generation landing page will request user information such as an email address, usually in return for a discount code, free trial, newsletter subscription, or other benefit, which can generate opportunities to connect with potential customers in the future. We can design effective landing pages of both types that will enable you to make the most of the visits generated by online marketing.

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