Strategic Review

We work closely with our clients to analyse their online market sector. With a big picture in mind, we devise small steps to strengthen their digital presence and bring through conversions, taking this online business to the test.

Competitor Analysis

Having an online presence is important, building a reputation and being in reach for millions of people brings a level of authority which may have been difficult to establish in the past.

Search engines such as Google and Bing work by comparing and ranking similar sites, so if you want to appear above your competitors in the search results you need to know what they are doing. Our competitor analysis service will help you to do this by looking at current trends in the market, what other sites are doing to get attention, and how you can make use of this knowledge to boost your presence online.

The analysis will focus on your closest competitors and the most relevant keywords for your site so that you get advice that is tailored for your website and the desired audience.

We will pay particular attention to any gaps in the market that your competitors are failing to exploit, as these can provide the best routes for you to reach a high ranking.

The complete competitor analysis will help us identify appropriate keywords, spot opportunities, and develop an effective strategy for your website so that you are as easy as possible for people to find online.

Market Research

Market research is the key to understanding what your customers want and how you can improve their experience, whether you are working offline or online.

Our market research service can help you to develop a successful new website or to improve the visitor experience on your existing site to make it more effective. The starting point will be to identify the target audience for your website and to break it down into different types of visitors, with different needs and interests. Knowing your audience will enable us to understand how they search for websites like yours, where they will see your marketing materials, how we can appeal to them, and what they want to see when they visit your website.

We can then help you to create an enjoyable customer experience for visitors by using their feedback to create an attractive site that works well for both you and your customers. The right visitor experience will create happier customers, which should convert into more views, longer visits, and better sales for you. Once your website is up and running, we can also perform ongoing feedback collection and analysis to ensure that your site continues to provide the best visitor experience.

Website Performance Review

Optimising your website performance can have a significant impact on user experience, which will translate into happier customers and better sales and results for you.

We can conduct a full website performance review to check how well your site is working across all devices and to look for any issues or opportunities for improvements. Among the factors we can consider are the website structure, page layouts, SEO, load times, and all of the information about traffic and site use provided by web analytics tools.

We can also help if you are experiencing any specific issues with your site, such as difficulty retaining visitors on the website or turning visits into purchases, by reviewing site performance to find the cause and identify the best solution.

We will report back with an easy to understand analysis of your site and recommendations for any changes that need to be made to enhance its performance. Another website performance review can be conducted after the recommended improvements have been made in order to ensure that they are having the desired effects.

We can also conduct regular performance checks to ensure that your site remains at its best even as technology changes and your competitors adapt.

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