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Chits Healthcare Marketing

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Offline Marketing

Print Media – As part of our Online / Offline strategy Chits produce digital logos and design work for websites and carry through marketing themes onto printed media – Business stationary / Company Brochures / Business cards.

Events – Chits can organise events for clients to enhance branding / introduce new concepts / show their products & services


Fast, effective and creative brochure design and printing.

Business cards

Coloured/Single or double sided employing latest digital and lithography techniques.

Brand identity

A product identity, or brand image are typically the attributes one associates with a brand, how the brand owner wants the consumer to perceive the brand - and by extension the branded company, organisation, product or service. We at CHTS UK help our clients building a strong brand identity with online and offline activities with a authentic focus on real characteristics of the value and brand promise being provided and sustained by organisational and/or production characteristics

Print advertising

It seems that Internet Advertising is the fastest growing format of the moment, but print media advertising still has a very firm place in most ad schedules.

+ Call us now to create effective and persuasive magazine or newspaper advertisements.