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Communication Planning

Effective marketing of a product demands a well thought-out, insightful communication strategy, which takes into account target audiences, key messages, product data, supportable claims, competitive landscape (current and future) and corporate vision.

Using expertise, insight and experience in UK healthcare marketing we develop and manage effective, evolving communication strategy including:

Customer insight & segmentation

Customers and their needs are not homogenous. Needs and preferences vary according to the customers and the occasions. We help our clients analyse customer needs, preferences, and cost to serve, and segment the market accordingly.

Communications strategy

A typical communication strategy answers following questions:

  • “Who” - The Target Audience
  • “What” – The Key Messages that are trying to be articulated
  • “When” – Timing, it will specify the appropriate time of delivery for each message
  • “Why” – The Desired Outcomes
  • “How” - The Communication Vehicle (how the message will be delivered)
  • “By Whom” - The Sender (determining who will deliver the information and how he or she is chosen

To ensure maximum alignment and efficiency we feed the communications strategy into the organisational strategy.

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