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Chits Digital Marketing


pride ourselves on the fact that we are first and foremost in the client service business.

The creation of long term relationships is as much about how clients feel about how we worked with them day in day out, as
the work we do that builds their business. 

Our experience extends beyond simply creating “good design”
Please therefore take a look and make your own mind up.

We’d like to believe the reason for this is that we always do a great job but it’s also because we make sure that clients get consistent tightly knit teams of experienced people so if anyone hits a snag they work through it quickly and with collaboration of the best minds and talent.

Gower House School

"Chits provide an accessible and professional service which I commend to anyone."

Lords DIY

"Chits have been very patient and understanding with us and your cost of web creation has been reasonable."

Ram Technology

"We have been hugely impressed with CHITS. Since the launch of our ecommerce website we have seen a 400% increase in traffic and with many enquiries converting to real business."

Online Compliance

"Their brief was to ensure they finished on time - This hurdle they just kicked out of the way. The results since launch have been staggering..."

India B2B

"To this day we remain amazed at the response from our new website. We have had interest world wide from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe."


"We didn't believe online marketing worked. CHITS thankfully proved us wrong and delivered students via our website, e-newsletter, Search Engines and Communication Branding. Well done CHITS!"


"Construction and plant hire equipment on the web DOES WORK! CHITS made it happen!"


"I would like to thank Nitesh Joshi and his methodical team for the way they worked closely with us in completing our website. The whole team remained courteous, professional, fast and focused at all times."

Shri Vallabh Nidhi UK

"I am pleased to say that Chits' continuous hard work and diligent support meant we benefited from having a first class site built which was fully approved by our board members who have all expressed complete satisfaction with the finished product."

Quattro UK

"I recommend Chits to any company seeking a professional online presence – you will be pleasantly surprised… we were!"