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Brand Identity

We believe that with the fast moving web world basics of building brand identity goes beyond simply having a website. To examine a brand online, the obvious first place to start is the brand’s Web site. An optimised site, with page titles, clean URLs, good content, headers, descriptions, alt tags and navigation will help with SEO.

Paid advertising with media such as Pay-Per-Click through services such as Google Adwords, Yahoo search engine marketing etc and connecting with costumers via social networking. Businesses can create pages which people can then become "fans" of. This gives a brand a forum to reach potential customers on a personal level. They can have a unique experience with the brand online and turn to it whenever they please. These networks allow a brand to experiment with new concepts, ask for feedback from consumers and of course, promote their product or service.

Brand positioning / strategy

Online brand strategy involves creative direction, messaging, and tone. We've helped some of the world's top brands strengthen their position by determining how to convey their brand message online.

Brand / logo design

We specialise in corporate branding, marketing literature, publications, website design and marketing. Our process is simple and effective.

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